Midland University - Fremont, Ne



Dec 30th , 2010

The fondness Pat Trautrimas has for her students is a part of her. Her determination to make them the best they can be is what drives her.

Dec 29th , 2010

This year has likely been one of the busiest in the more than 125-year history of Midland University. There was a new president, new name, new sports programs, new logos and an influx of new students. .

Dec 15th , 2010

The spirit of the season was enjoyed by many in 2010 as Midland Herald’s
Christmas at Midland University. A new approach to time-honored traditions

Oct 7th , 2010

One of O’Reilly’s sketches was chosen to be recreated as a four-foot tall, five-foot wide, three-dimensional bench.

Jan 31st , 2010

Midland head cross country coach Jim McMahon was recently selected as a member of the NAIA Hall of Fame class of 2010-2011.

Aug 31st , 2005

 “A good organist does not play a functioning organ and have a good show.   A good organist plays a bad organ and has an amazing show.”