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Powerlifting becomes Midland's newest varsity sport

Midland University has announced that multiple-time world champion and world record holder Tim Anderson has been hired to coach powerlifting, adding yet another sport to Nebraska’s largest athletic department.

Powerlifting will be Midland’s 29th varsity-level sport, joining the recently added eSports to the nearly 850 opportunities available for student-athletes to compete on the collegiate level.

“I am pleased we have yet another avenue for students to pursue their passions at Midland University. Through the addition of powerlifting, students will be able to gain an education that prepares them to face an ever-changing world,” Midland University President Jody Horner said. “Powerlifting promotes a healthful lifestyle and encourages these student-athletes to set constantly higher goals for themselves. These are skills that will help them lead with purpose during their years at Midland and beyond.”

Meet the coach

Tim Anderson has impressive coaching credentials, leading the USA World Bench Press Team to 12 team awards at international events in the past four years. Read more about him here.

Scholarships available

As a member of Midland's powerlifting team, you would be eligible for athletic scholarships. Get more information about all of Midland's generous scholarship packages and other financial aid support here.

About the USA Powerlifting

USA Powerlifting is the leading powerlifting organization in the United States. Learn more about the USAPL and its events here.

Other opportunities to compete

Midland has the largest athletic department in Nebraska, competing in sports from football and basketball to women's lacrosse and shooting sports. See all the athletic opportunities here.

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