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Kellogg prepares for career with DEA

Kellogg prepares for career with DEA

May 14th , 2020

Growing up in North Omaha, Adrian Kellogg saw the impact drugs had on many families. His mother, Shirley Harris, did too, and strove to protect her son from that world. This may be why Adrian grew up thinking he would someday have a career in law enforcement as a police officer or an agent. As Adrian graduates from Midland University this Saturday with double majors in criminal justice and sociology, he will not be physically walking across the stage, but he will be taking huge strides toward his future. He, his mother, and fiancée Marissa will be watching the ceremony online and celebrating all he has accomplished – the first in his family to graduate from college and his impending career with the Drug Enforcement Administration. 

Adrian came to Midland as a sophomore transfer student. Midland football coach Jeff Jamrog and his team had invited him to campus. “I could be myself,” he said “Everyone was so nice and made me feel welcome.” He committed to Midland as a student-athlete. “I love the Midland football staff and the team, and I am proud of the progress we have made over the years. I know it will continue to succeed,” he said.

Adrian decided to pursue majors in criminal justice and sociology. Throughout his college career, he successfully juggled football, academics, and jobs. Through one of his jobs, and his capacity to network, Adrian found a mentor. He was delivering furniture when he noticed the client had on a DEA T-shirt. “I asked him if he worked for the Drug Enforcement Administration,” Adrian said.  The man indicated that he was a special agent with the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), and a friendship ensued. “We sat and talked, and I told him I wanted to work for the DEA someday,” Adrian said. “This man has mentored and helped me to get connected. It was meant to be!” 

Adrian was set to intern at the DEA in Omaha when the COVID-19 outbreak occurred. His internship was canceled so he had to develop an alternate plan. He secured an internship at his former high school, Millard North, as a security guard, adding to his experience and enhancing his skills. After graduation, Adrian will begin his career in drug enforcement with the DEA in Omaha, where he will complete the initial phase of the DEA process. He will train for approximately one month, and upon successful completion of that training, will proceed to Quantico, Virginia for the next four-month phase of training. Once that is successfully completed, he will move back to Omaha for approximately one year to further train. He will then be assigned to duties somewhere in the United States. 

When asked about his career goals as a DEA agent, Adrian says he hopes to give back to the Omaha community he loves by helping educate and protect children. He feels that he can help his community prosper by keeping youth away from drugs. How will he inspire youth? “By telling my story,” he said. “I came from North Omaha, where there were drugs and a lot of negativity around me when I was growing up. I graduated from high school. I am the first in my family to graduate from college. I have a great job ahead of me and a beautiful fiancée.” 

Adrian will rely on his strengths to carry out his mission. “My talents are my voice and ability to communicate,” he said. “I am not scared to ask and talk to people. I am positive. I am able to raise people up at their lowest points. I always try to do my best.” Adrian’s professors at Midland echo those talents and admire his capacity to build relationships. Dr. Scott Sasse, professor of Criminal Justice said, “Everyone loves Adrian in the Criminal Justice department - students and teachers alike. He's always positive, smiling and happy to be around everyone, in classes and on campus,” Dr. Scott Sasse, Criminal Justice Professor, said. “He's come a long way from when he first came to Midland and now he's off to the DEA. I know he will handle any obstacles with confidence and grace. He definitely will continue making the world a better place! We will miss him at Midland.” 

Dr. Megan Nielsen, Professor of Sociology said, “Adrian has a ton of energy and such a positive attitude. He is the guy who stops by to just say hi, and will always ask you how you are doing. He wants to make you smile, and his energy truly is contagious. His people skills are natural and will take him far in life!”

As Adrian watches Midland’s commencement ceremony with his family, there will be joy and much reason to celebrate as he looks toward his future with confidence. “I'm proud that Adrian will receive his degree from Midland.” Coach Jamrog shared, “I wish Adrian all the best in the DEA field. I know his Midland experience will allow him to excel in the profession and know he will make a difference in people's lives.”