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Job Hunting After Code Academy


By Connor Kennedy, Midland Code Academy 2020

I joined Midland’s Code Academy because it seemed like it was a good cross between cost and time as opposed to going with a traditional college track to learn to code. Midland provided us with mock interviews and helped us set up our LinkedIn accounts, which helped us connect with recruiters and search for jobs. 

During the program we worked on a large group project, which helped me feel more comfortable working in a team environment. Midland’s Code Academy connected me with alumni who connected me with companies like Orion, where I received my first job offer from.

Job Hunting During a Pandemic 

After the completion of Midland’s Code Academy,  I focused my efforts on applying for jobs and continuing to work on coding problems to keep my skills fresh. I also spent time working on other languages, specifically C# since it’s the most in demand language in Omaha.

With a small amount of job openings available, I applied for around 20 positions and heard back from five companies (three of which had decided to go with other applicants). Although it was strange to interview over the phone and through email, I felt confident in my interview skills, thanks to all of the practice I received through the Career Track part of Midland Code Academy.

After two different interviews and a month of job hunting, I accepted a full-time remote position as a Software Developer at Orion Advisor Solutions

My Advice

The most important thing you can do to distinguish yourself from other candidates is to have a great portfolio that showcases the projects you’ve worked on, have strong interview skills, learn technology outside of the class, and try to make the best projects you can. 

Don’t expect to walk out the door and have a job fall into your lap. Find a way to distinguish yourself from other applicants and use the skills you’ve obtained during the program to back it up. 

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