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James Miller, Director of Innovative Teaching | Faces of Midland: Employee Edition


Kid at Heart

You know those conversations where people sit around and talk about movies and what role they would like to play if they had the chance? For James Miller, Tom Hanks’ part in the 1988 comedy Big fits right in his wheelhouse.

It’s that kid-at-heart mentality that is just one of the many reasons Miller excels in his role as Director of Innovative Teaching at Midland. “I used to be a developer for VTech Kids and Leapfrog, where I worked on creating educational toys for children. I was a firsthand witness to how technology could facilitate powerful learning, and teaching vicariously through technology became a passion of mine. My position at Midland is tasked with improving instruction and meaningful technology integration in every classroom on campus, be it virtual or in-person.”

There are many aspects of his role that Miller embraces, but communications with his peers are the experiences he cherishes the most. “I get the most satisfaction working with our brilliant and dedicated faculty, especially in one-on-one settings or small groups. They are dedicated to seeing our students achieve, and I am so lucky to be a part of those successes.” 

In his time away from creating meaningful experiences for students and faculty, Miller likes to remain active. Although he admits there are moments of “couch potatory,” he much prefers to be on his bike, running or participating in Muay Thai fighting (another name for Thai boxing).

Miller’s goal is to help students reach their final destination of a college education, but he wants to make sure they enjoy the experience along the way. “Students are extremely busy, but I hope they can cherish those times and try to live in the moment. The college experience is such an amazing and wonderful time.”

Catching up with James Miller:

Something people might not know about you: I am fluent in Greek and have traveled extensively in Greece. I wrote a novel based on my experiences there.

Snack you can’t resist: Ooey, gooey mac n’ cheese. Yes, it’s a snack. It can also be breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert.

What artist dominates your playlist: Modest Mouse. They have a song for every spectrum of mood that I am in.

What is your ideal vacation: Somewhere warm with salty sea air, and food that complements each breath of sunshine.

What is your most-used emoji: The heart emoji, followed closely by the guy with his hands up in the air, shrugging his shoulders. 🤷🏼‍♂️💙

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