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A Renaissance Man |

Senior Jaden Morton brings a notable presence to campus. Friendly, approachable, and outgoing, Jaden has quickly made his mark in all his campus communities. Whether it be on the football field or the Kimmel stage, Jaden’s passion and excitement for what he does is contagious. With passions rooted in performing arts and athletics, Jaden has managed to balance both worlds and make the most of what they offer.

“I just want to do the stuff that I enjoy. I guess you can say I am a semi ‘Renaissance Man.’ I like to do a lot of things that keep me happy and make me enjoy life.”

Growing up in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Jaden began his college career at Iowa Central Community College. It was there that he realized his two passions – football and music. After the choir director’s encouragement there, Jaden decided to take part in campus performing arts, in addition to football. Even after transferring to Midland a year ago, Jaden has continued to participate in both football and performing arts. Jaden has enjoyed being a part of both communities, and hopes to continue to incorporate both in his career after graduation.

“I think being involved in both arts and athletics definitely puts you out of your comfort zone, but in a good way. You are seeing how two different worlds operate, and it broadens your perspective on people and how they interact with one another, and it is just really, really cool to be a part of both communities. When you are with a group of people who are all bringing their talents together to create something spectacular, it’s a beautiful thing. And I get to experience it with two groups of people.”

Jaden stresses the importance of finding a balance between one’s passions. By being involved in both arts and athletics, Jaden has fully embraced being on a schedule and blocking out time in his day for everything. He encourages his peers to establish that foundation to build their involvement out.

“With all the practices and rehearsals going on, you need to make sure that you set that foundation and that schedule. Otherwise, it all falls apart. You don’t get too much free time being involved in both, but if it is something that you love doing, you should do it.”

For Jaden, there is an intrinsic reward that comes from both passions. For football, Jaden loves the game and the exhilaration that comes with being on the field and playing the sport. As for the performing arts, Jaden has always had a passion for music and enjoys the creative outlet that it provides. Making the choice to make time for both has been one of the best decisions in his life.

“Being in both arts and football has definitely made me the person I am today and has made me more comfortable and confident in who I am. I can openly be myself both in football and in arts. It’s not like this switch I have to turn on and off; I can authentically be me in both environments. It is really interesting to see these two different perspectives, how these two different worlds operate, and how they have both shaped who I am today.”

Jaden Morton is a senior Business Intelligence major from Minneapolis, MN. To share your story or nominate a friend, email or post using #FacesofMidland.

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