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Isaiah Navarro story puts Midland in national spotlight

Isaiah Navarro story puts Midland in national spotlight

Feb 18th , 2021

In its continued mission to inspire others to learn and lead in the world with purpose, Midland University is giving a California high school football player an opportunity to find his purpose.

Isaiah Navarro’s final season of high school football was taken away due to safety concerns in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Isaiah’s frustration grew as he began to realize he would never receive those scholarship offers and fulfill his dream of playing college football. Midland University heard Isaiah’s story and reached out to him, offering him a chance to receive a college education and continue his football career. 

Midland University head football coach Jeff Jamrog and Vice President of Enrollment Management and Marketing Merritt Nelson were invited to appear on the morning show Fox & Friends to share their story on the national stage. 

Isaiah’s story is one like many other high school students across the nation. COVID-19 has robbed many of these students of experiences and opportunities. It has taken away avenues students may have needed to continue on their journey, and created roadblocks instead.

Midland’s desire is to support all students as they navigate through difficult times. Isaiah’s story is just one example of how Midland offers opportunities to students, whether through athletics, the performing arts, or whatever their passions might be.

In a time where normal just isn’t normal anymore, many students need guidance to continue on their journey to success. Midland University will open doors and help them achieve their dreams. Midland strives to be part of more stories like Isaiah’s and will be relentless in helping students find a place they can call home for the next four years.