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Erich C. Ziegler named as Vice President for Human Capital

Erich C. Ziegler named as Vice President for Human Capital

Apr 2nd , 2013

Midland University has named Erich Ziegler as Vice President for Human Capital.  In his new role, Ziegler will be responsible for improving all facets of the human capital processes, including strategy, incentive pay, attraction/retention, and people management systems.

“Midland’s rapid growth has necessitated finding new avenues for attracting top talent that can match our commitment to serving students,” said Midland President Ben Sasse. “Erich can help us attract a broad and deep pool of the region’s most talented and committed professionals.”
Ziegler brings 20 years of professional experience into this role, having worked both internally and as a consultant.  

Ziegler has held such titles as Executive Director of Global HR and HR Principal and has worked for various organizations, including JDEdwards, Deloitte Consulting, and TeleTech.  He has deep experience with recruiting, implementing people-management software systems, developing incentive pay practices, and designing and delivering corporate training programs.

With extensive expertise in aligning human capital to efficiently meet institutional needs, Erich will endeavor to improve processes and increase responsiveness of a variety of HR functions. As an international expert in organizational effectiveness, Erich's highly respected skill set will enrich the experience of joining team Midland.
“I enjoy creating environments that attract and retain the best talent in the marketplace.  Midland has already created a solid foundation,” said Ziegler.  I am eager to expand on that foundation to make Midland not only the best place to work in higher education but the best place to work in any industry.”
Innovative approaches to employee engagement have been a hallmark of Ziegler’s success guiding Fortune 500 companies across the globe to drastically reduce turnover and better serve both employees and clients. 

“After practicing HR on three continents, I have come to the realization that employees essentially want the same things: an enjoyable working environment where they are able to focus on being the best in their chosen career path,” said Ziegler. “I look forward to helping Midland continue to attract and retain a team that is fully engaged in helping students succeed.”

As an international consultant Ziegler has contributed his expertise with organizations in more than 20 countries. From his home in Denver, Colorado, his work has taken him to Canada, Mexico, Ecuador, Venezuela, Brazil, Spain, France, the U.K, and throughout the U.S.  To fully integrate with the Midland University team, Ziegler has recently relocated to the Fremont area. 

“One of the foremost experts in human capital, Erich offers Midland the opportunity to revolutionize the way Midland attracts and retains the best and brightest,” said Midland Vice President for Finance and Administration Jodi Benjamin. “We are thrilled to bring a leader of this caliber to our community.”
Since being named the 2012 Business of the Year by the Fremont Area Chamber of Commerce, Midland’s growth has continued attracting the attention of top professionals from around the region.

Ziegler is on campus this week and has begun engaging students, faculty, and staff to meet the needs of Midland’s growing community.