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Midland University Dance

Midland University Dance

Dance is growing at Midland University!

Midland students have opportunities to grow their talents and share their passion for dance in multiple ways while on a dance scholarship at Midland University. Scholarships are significant and available to students in all majors.

To audition for one or more dance tracks below, please email our Director of Dance Activities, Trish Ryan at

  • Game Day
    • Perform for large crowds at our exciting athletic games.
    • Represent our campus in fun media and community promotional events.
  • Athletic Competition Team 
    • Train, take classes, and work hard as an athlete.
    • Compete on a team who has won three national championships.
  • Recreational 
    • Take weekly classes in ballet, jazz, hip hop, and more
    • Perform in semesterly show cases, recitals, and or special projects
  • Company  
    • Join a company of dancers who perform in our community and competes at conventions.
    • Learn artistic skills of choreography, creative blocking, and how to run a dance studio.