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For Dalton Stodieck, one of the most important parts of life is socializing. Having meaningful interactions with people, wherever you are, is how we continue to move forward. Without it, we are missing out on the full experience of life. 

“I wish people would be more involved socially and have the desire to meet new people because you never know where those interactions with people will take you in the future. Since coming to Midland, I have met so many people. Lifelong friends too. Get to know more people because that will take you to a special place in life.”

Dalton recalls coming to Midland for a visit. Due to the snow and the cold, he admits it was an overall miserable tour experience. However, despite the weather, he remembers coming out of that visit feeling encouraged by the campus atmosphere. The visit left him excited for the social side of college.

“I came on a school visit held at Midland for my tech class in high school, and it was a really cool visit. That made me think that Midland was a school that could be another option. Then I received an offer from the soccer coach for a scholarship, and I decided to come back for an official tour. I did it in the winter, so it was really cold, and so I didn’t like the tour. But I loved the campus, and I realized how much I liked the social aspect of school here, and I was really excited for that, getting to meet new people and see new faces.”

Now a sophomore at Midland, Dalton works as an RA at Miller Hall. In this role, Dalton sees himself as a support system for his residents. Making meaningful connections and having positive interactions with students, Dalton sees his role as promoting a positive social experience for his residents. 

“Being an RA really brings out being aware of all the people on my floor. My job is to be there for them, and if they have problems, it all funnels to me. I am also responsible for checking in on my residents and letting them know that I am there for them. It is all about doing that from a place with a genuine desire to reach out and form those relationships.”

Beyond college, Dalton hopes to continue this role as an educator. Majoring in physical education, Dalton hopes to teach for several years and potentially move into an athletic director role. Regardless of where his career takes him, Dalton sees his role as a physical education teacher as not just teaching his students but promoting healthy lives both physically and mentally.

“It is very important for kids, especially at a young age, to learn about health and fitness. I want to develop that drive to be active and find joy in that. I think it helps you want to work more and feel better. I want more kids to recognize that and develop that practice the right way.”

For Dalton, being a teacher extends beyond the classroom material. It is about being there for your students throughout their entire journey, both in the trials and the joys. The impact you make as a teacher is dependent on leaving that door open for students to come to you when they need you. It is what Dalton had as a student in his teachers, and he wants to carry that into his own career.

“One of my favorite teachers was my English teacher, and she was one of those teachers that you could pop in and talk to her about something, and she was always there for you no matter what. She saw traits that I didn’t see in myself and encouraged me in that way. I want to be that kind of a teacher. I want to be the teacher where, if a student is having a bad day, they can come talk to me. I want to be that outgoing teacher that forms meaningful relationships with students.”

Wherever his life takes him, Dalton wants to continue to carry that openness and desire to have those meaningful interactions with the people around him. Looking at where he is as a student now at Midland, Dalton encourages his peers to take advantage of the opportunity to meet the host of people on campus. In the end, you may just be making lasting connections. 

Dalton Stodieck is a sophomore PK-12 physical education major from York, NE. To share your story or nominate a friend, email or post using #FacesofMidland.

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