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COVID-19 (coronavirus) Student FAQs

COVID-19 (coronavirus) Student FAQs

May 6, 2020

When can I expect to receive my refund for room and board?

Credits for room and board have been posted to student accounts. If this credit resulted in a credit balance on your account, students, from their account, may request a refund of the credit balance by emailing Refunds are paid in form of a direct deposit. Requests must be emailed by the close of business Friday in order to receive the direct deposit refund the following Friday. You must have bank information entered to receive a refund payment. Click here for information on adding your bank info for direct deposit.

How will I get my CARES Act funds from Midland?

The CARES federal stimulus package signed into law on March 27, 2020 awarded Midland federal funds that are intended to be passed along to enrolled students who have suffered disruption during the COVID-19 pandemic. Midland is issuing the amounts below based on enrollment status of students as of March 9, 2020. Students must be eligible for Title IV funds (federal government financial aid) in order to receive these funds, per the CARES Act.

Full-time Fremont campus, undergraduate students, living off-campus: $250

Full-time Fremont campus, undergraduate students, living on campus: $500.

CARES Act payments will be automatic (no request email needed). These payments will be issued to you via direct deposit into your bank account. If you have not received a student account credit balance refund from Midland in the past 12 months (different than a payroll direct deposit), you must put your bank account information on file. Click here for information on adding your bank information for direct deposit (This bank information is used for refund and CARES Act payment purposes only). We continue to work out the timing details on this funding. However, expect it to be deposited into your account within the next two weeks, provided your direct deposit information is on file. As a reminder, additional funds are available for students (full or part-time, Fremont or Omaha location, graduate or undergraduate) who have additional financial needs because of the impact COVID-19 has had on their personal or family's financial situation. Students who need additional support should complete the COVID-19 impact survey here.

How can I view the virtual commencement ceremony?

On May 16th at 10:00 a.m., Midland University will livestream our commencement ceremony at Please join us as we celebrate our most recent graduates. Be on the lookout for more details about how we will celebrate these graduates during homecoming and December commencement. 

How do I receive my graduation materials for the virtual ceremony?

Graduation boxes were mailed to all 2020 graduates with each box containing diploma cover, cap and tassel (and glitter to get started decorating), copies of the commencement program, honors cords, Midland medallion, and more. If you have additional questions about graduation, please email

How do I return my iPad to Midland after the semester if I'm not returning?

Students who are not returning in the fall can keep their iPad and pencil for $375. Students who are not returning and do not want to purchase their iPad must return it to Midland. For students in the Fremont area, you may return the device and accessories by making an appointment to drop it off at the helpdesk in Luther Library. Students who wish to return their device and accessories via mail may request a postage paid box be sent to them. To purchase, make an appointment to return, or request a box, please email Please email your intent to purchase or return on or before May 20th. Devices that have not been purchased, returned, or registered for fall classes will be disabled beginning May 21, 2020.

Will students who have summer employment positions be allowed to keep normal office hours for the summer?

Most students will be allowed to participate in summer campus employment positions on campus during the summer, beginning May 26th. Unless you have been notified by human resources via email, students should contact their supervisors for instructions on when and where to report. Supervisors will determine the best ways to modify work areas and schedules for their departments. Social distancing guidelines will be followed.

Will students who have a summer employment position be allowed to live on campus during the summer?

Students participating in a summer campus employment position will have the ability to live on campus during the summer. Please email regarding any special considerations for summer residency.

Is Midland planning on in-person classes and activities (athletics, performing arts events, co-curricular activities) for the fall semester?

Midland's plan is to reopen and resume in-person classes and all activities this fall as scheduled. The details around how this will be done safely are being discussed and will be communicated at a later date. We will follow government and health department guidelines to help ensure the safety of our students. Midland leaders will be diligent in exploring various scenarios to allow for a smooth transition when students return to campus. We understand this is a fluid situation and plans can change. All efforts from now through August will be focused on bringing everyone back safely together.

April 23, 2020

Will Midland be offering refunds to students for room, board, and other charges?

Midland recently announced its Student Refund and Financial Assistance Plan for 2020. To learn more about the plan, click here.

With students having to complete the semester through online learning, has Midland adjusted its grading policy to help ease concerns for students?

Due to the circumstances surrounding the global COVID-19 pandemic, and the additional stress and pressures this has placed on our student population, Midland University will allow undergraduate students to opt out of the A-F grading scale for most courses for the Spring 2020. To learn more, or for instructions on how students can option into the policy, click here.

How do I add bank account information to receive direct deposit of refunds? 

You can access that process here.

What are the plans for Commencement  2020?

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we will not be able to host a traditional in-person commencement ceremony in May. We are offering alternative ways to give our graduates the accolades they deserve and will celebrate them in every way possible. There will be a virtual ceremony that will take place on May 16th at 10 a.m. and can be viewed through Our team is continuing to look at ways we can make that a memorable and unique experience. We are also planning on a special gathering over Homecoming weekend (October 9-11) in which we will honor our 2020 graduates. Additionally, spring 2020 graduates will have an opportunity to take part in a formal commencement ceremony in December as we welcome all 2020 graduates to walk across the stage. We are finalzing plans for each of these events and will share more details with you in the near future.

What is the plan for next fall? Will students be able to return to campus? Will classes be online or in-person?

Midland University plans to start classes and activities in the fall of 2020 as scheduled. Although certain operations may have a different look and feel, we look forward to having our community back on campus. As always, the safety of our students, faculty, and staff will be our top priority. If plans need to be adapted, we will do our best to inform our students and their families as early as possible.

How will this impact athletic events and performing arts performances?

Midland University is committed to resuming fall activities, events, and performances as originally planned. We will follow guidelines provided to us by local health experts throughout our decision-making process. We want nothing more than to see our students back on the field and on the stage, but we will make sure we are following all proper procedures to ensure the safety of everyone involved. If plans need to be adapted, we will do our best to inform our students and their families as early as possible.

We understand this is a challenging time for our students. We will continue to be in contact with you and keep you informed of any changes or updates to the situation. For any questions, email To reference previous questions, please click here .