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Connie J. Kreikemeier named Director of Student Affairs and Executive Director of Career Services


Midland University has named Connie J. Kreikemeier as the Director of Student Affairs and Executive Director of Career Services.  In her new role, Kreikemeier will work to continue to enhance the Midland student experience through on-campus engagement initiatives and expanded opportunities for experiential learning.

“We are thrilled to bring a leading expert in strengths-based professional development to Fremont,” said Dr. Ben Sasse, President of Midland University. “She is a proven leader who will help students capitalize on their natural abilities through the vast array of opportunities offered at Midland.”

Kreikemeier steps into the new role with 25 years of professional experience in management and consulting.  Spending time in a variety of positions with The Gallup Organization, she most recently held the title of Talent Management Consultant.  While at Gallup, Kreikemeier worked closely with leaders of the area’s top organizations while offering critical professional insight. She also served as the Executive Director of Gallup’s degree programs, leading Gallup’s M.B.A., M.A. and the Physician Executive Leadership M.B.A. and M.A. programs.

“I am passionate about helping people to realize their strengths and leverage their potential,” said Kreikemeier. “In the 25 years I have worked with The Gallup Organization, I have been very fortunate to be in an environment that allowed me to practice and attain a deep understanding of strengths-based leadership and engagement. “

Kreikemeier plans to carry her knowledge of individual strengths to Midland. As the Executive Director of Career Services, she aims to weave career exploration with relationship-building skills and opportunities throughout the many facets of the educational experience. For Midland students, this will translate into increased marketability after college.

“The small-college experience provides a venue for students to gain real world experience and establish solid community connections,” said Sasse. “These networks serve as a gateway to successful careers for graduates and spark lasting relationships with leaders from all walks of life.”

Additionally, Kreikemeier will aim to continue growth in student engagement, utilizing the university’s 50-plus clubs and extracurricular activities to build character and leadership traits as an integral benefit of the full college experience. Building on Midland’s tight-knit community, she also plans to connect students with Midland’s comprehensive student support programs, designed to ensure rich, meaningful experiences are matched with one-on-one advising and support.

“The college years are a critical time for young adults to find themselves,” said Kreikemeier. “This is the time when they fully begin to understand their potential to make a difference as a person and a professional in the world and to realize that they mold their future by the decisions they make each day.”

For Kreikemeier, one key to helping students realize this ideal future will be exposing them to the resources already available at Midland University. In addition to extensive opportunities in the arts and 25 varsity sports programs, Midland offers a comprehensive support structure anchored by the Center for the Four-Year Graduation Guarantee. This core, located in the heart of Midland’s campus, consists of a team of advisers dedicated to supplying focused, one-on-one direction. Connecting students with tools like the Center for the Four-Year Graduation Guarantee, Kreikemeier will act as a key liaison between eager students and ample opportunities.

“I see my over-arching role in student development and career services as proactively building a very practical, customized career track in-step with Midland’s many programs and offerings,” said Kreikemeier. “ I hope to accent each distinct character, fully engaging students by helping them to lead with their strengths and grow as individuals.”

Kreikemeier will begin work at Midland University at the end of February.

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