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Campus Ministries

Campus Ministries

Campus Ministry works through a partnership between Nebraska Lutheran Campus Ministry (NeLCM), local area congregations, and Midland University. We devote our time to becoming more humble servants by growing "Closer to God. Closer to each other."

We provide students, faculty and staff, and those in the community a place to grow and live out their faith. Our weekly chapel, bible studies, service opportunities, and outreach beyond our campus provide a variety of ways to serve and worship. We encourage our students to not only be involved on campus, but to become connected in ministry centers in the community. We want each individual to find, and live out their faith.

Contact Campus Ministry to offer your help in a variety of service opportunities.

Chapel takes place every Tuesday at 11:00 a.m. in the beautiful worship space in Clemmons Hall. Listen to inspired speakers preach their stories in front of the regal pipe organ while worshipping next to your favorite professor. Hear the student led worship band praise God's Word. Grow your faith in community.

Come to Bible Breakdown to thoughtfully discuss the Word with other curious, welcoming minds. Discover new depths of faith by asking thought-provoking questions.

Campus Ministry groups:

FCA - Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Midland Catholics


Bible Study Groups