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A Message from the Lack Family

A Message from the Lack Family

The Lack Family Scholarship was established with the purpose of giving back to Midland students. Our family has experienced the profound benefits of a Midland University education and we recognize the privilege of such an education as it pertains to cost.  It is our hope that the scholarship will provide much-needed support to current Midland students in achieving a college education with minimal debt. 

A Midland education is a special experience. Students here have access to caring, dedicated faculty, and staff members that work hard to support the whole person, including special interests, aptitudes, and passions. The Midland experience entails not only participation in athletics or the arts but offers students an opportunity of life-long purpose and success. It is incredible to watch the 4-year transformation that takes place within a young life prepared to lead in the world with purpose.

Our family is proud of the Midland community, our scholarship fund and continues to support Warriors in need with great fondness.

Warm Regards,

Arnold and Carolyn Lack (VP for Advancement and Midland Women)
Dr. Janet Lack (Alum in Education)
Jonathan and Janice Lack (Alums in Business and Nursing)
Jeffrey and Gina Wiitanen (Alums in Business and Education)
Sara Rotterdam (attended Midland)