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An Invitation to Persist

An Invitation to Persist

continue firmly or obstinately in an opinion or a course of action in spite of difficulty, opposition, or failure

I was visiting with a student recently who was concerned about her friend and whether or not she’d be able to continue her studies here.  She explained to me through broken tears that money was extremely tight for her friend.  That her friend’s parents weren’t able to offer much support as she was the first in her family to attend college and her parents, “didn’t understand”.  Her friend was already working two jobs, in addition to taking a full load of classes, and about to take on a third job in order to pursue her dream of becoming a teacher.  This student wanted desperately to help her friend persist.  To find a way through to achieving her dream, despite the obstacles and the odds that were against her.  The student even offered to help pay for some of her friend’s living expenses, although her own means were limited.  I listened while my heart ached inside. 

Every year at Midland we grant over 300 new scholarships and provide over $20M in financial aid.  We work hard to keep college affordable and yet it’s still difficult for many students to persist.  Approximately 35% of the students who attend Midland today are the first generation in their family to attend college.  They come to Midland to pursue their dreams and to reap the benefits of a vocation-centered, liberal arts education.  They are hard-working and don’t take things for granted.  They know what it feels like to have obstacles staring them in the face.  

Ultimately our financial aid team met with the student’s friend and created a plan, so that she could persist.  This story is not uncommon at Midland and at many colleges and universities across our nation.  Your gifts to support financial scholarships often are the deciding factor on whether or not a student is able to continue pursuing their dream.  

I invite you this holiday season to join me in helping a student persist.     


Jody Horner, President