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Vocal Music

Vocal Music

The Midland University Choir

Our largest mixed group choral ensemble, The Midland University Choir performs at multiple concerts and special events throughout Nebraska and the Midwest. 

The Clef Dwellers

Clef is a small and carefully selected mixed a cappella vocal group. Think "Pitch Perfect," but real life. The group blends tight harmonies, beat boxing, and unique vocal arrangements.

The Midland University Chamber Choir

The Midland University Chamber Choir is a smaller select group that performs at churches, large concerts, and travels on a choir tour every other year. 

The Midland University Male Chorus 

The Midland University Male Chorus showcases the talented men in our vocal music program, performing at concerts, events, and on tour. 

The Midland University Women's Ensemble 

The Midland University Women’s Ensemble features the sweet sounds of women voices and performs at large concerts and special events. 

Acoustic Performance Group 

Not quite "Glee," not quite "The Voice." in Midland’s Acoustic Performance Group, students are coached as teams to develop their own performance shows. They help to create the curriculum, schedule and have a large part in the arranging and composition of each performance piece. This group travels to area schools and perform.

Voice Training

Voice class and private voice lessons are a couple of the ways we continue training and develop confidence in vocal performance. Midland University offers incredible, individually-focused vocal training for its students. Students participate in end-of-semester recitals to showcase their progress. 

Individual Voice Performance Opportunities

Students are encouraged to participate in recitals as part of their vocal music experience at Midland University. In these recitals, students are guided by our instructors to perform music that suits their abilities and challenges them at the same time. We host several performances and events where students are encouraged to share their individual gifts and talents. Seniors in the vocal music education program will perform a senior recital before graduating. With the support of staff and fellow students, seniors are able to perform whatever they choose for their recital. Many of our students have arranged and/or written their own songs to perform at the end of their time at Midland. 

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