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Large Incoming Class Pushes Midland University Enrollment to Record Level

Large Incoming Class Pushes Midland University Enrollment to Record Level

Midland University has announced the arrival of its largest incoming class since 2013, pushing total enrollment to an all-time high of 1,394 students. This fall Midland welcomed 474 new students, including 342 first-year students, who were drawn to the school’s unique mix of innovative programs and opportunities for extra-curricular engagement. 

“To reach a new enrollment record at a time when we are so focused on enabling more students to graduate on-time is an especially gratifying achievement,” said Midland President Jody Horner. “Our commitment to finding innovative avenues to improving student outcomes through a complete college experience is paying dividends for our students and our community.”

With the first class to be eligible for Midland’s unique 4-Year Graduation Guarantee reaching commencement this past spring, the university graduated one of its largest ever classes with more than 300 students receiving their degrees. 

In addition to helping students complete their degrees and begin their careers more quickly, the university believes its commitment to on-time graduation will enable students to continue to graduate with less debt. 

“Given the number of students reaching graduation, we might’ve anticipated a step back in total enrollment even with a strong incoming class,” said Vice President for Enrollment Management Eliza Ferzely. “To attract such a remarkable group of new students is a testament to the value of a truly student-centered education.”

As a university that has become known for its innovative approach to traditional undergraduate education, Midland has launched bold initiatives to improve student performance academically while continually creating new paths for students to learn and engage beyond the classroom. In addition to its 4-Year Graduation Guarantee, the university has invested in a professional advising team to help students overcome barriers to success and stay on-track toward graduation while participating in the school’s growing number of extracurricular options. 

In recent months the university has launched new initiatives to expand the student experience on its residential campus in Fremont. This spring, Midland launched a new honors program, four new varsity sports, and additional opportunities in the performing arts. Among its noteworthy innovations was the announcement of the region’s first varsity level eSports program that drew national recognition from ESPN, USA Today, and Sports Illustrated.  

Going forward, Midland is looking to bring its expertise for creating innovative experiences to an emerging cadre of graduate and nontraditional programs. In August, Midland reached a long-term agreement to secure a permanent location in Omaha’s Old Mill area. Scheduled to open in spring 2017, Midland has begun the more than $1 million in construction needed to prepare a state-of-the-art complex that will enable the university to create dynamic experiences in the heart of Omaha. 

“We are proud of the growth we’ve achieved in our traditional programs and believe we have the ability to deliver new experiences that will enhance the careers of Omaha professionals through our new campus in Old Mill,” said President Horner. “Midland’s MBA, as Omaha’s only hybrid program serving the needs of the business community, is a great example of the type of innovations we believe will take root at our Omaha location.”

Midland’s MBA program will become the first occupant of the university’s Omaha location. As a hybrid program, the Midland MBA combines online and in-person elements to create learning opportunities not possible through other formats. Many of the courses are taught by subject matter experts who fly to Omaha to interact with students and teach the in-person portion of classes before returning to their corporate careers across the nation.  

Midland’s growth in recent years has driven expansion throughout its offerings. Today Midland is home to 35 academic programs, 31 varsity sports, and more than 250 opportunities in the performing arts.