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Jack Noel forges his own path to success

Jack Noel forges his own path to success

Dream big, plan big, win big! When your ultimate dream job is to train Olympic athletes, you have to create a plan to reach that goal. Jack Noel has been working on that plan while at Midland, forging his path to success. 

Noel graduated in May, earning his degree in Human Performance with a concentration in Exercise Science. His love of competition and desire to major in Human Performance led him to Midland, where he was a member of the football team. Recognizing that he needed to capitalize on opportunities to develop his knowledge, strengths, skills and leadership while in college, Noel became very involved. In addition to playing football, he took on the role of Admissions Ambassador at Midland, guiding prospective students and their parents on campus tours, answering their questions, and assisting the Admissions team. This involvement helped him hone his communication and relationship-building talents and to develop his capacity to juggle commitments, prioritize and manage time effectively. 

Noel understood that the networking and practical experience he could obtain through internships was critical to his success. Through the encouragement of Mark Snow, Director of the School of Human Performance at Midland University, Noel “went out on a limb” his junior year and applied for the Husker Power Strength and Conditioning Internship program at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. He was one of the elite undergraduates accepted into this internship. In this program, Noel worked with college athletes in volleyball, softball, track and field, and women’s soccer. The experience was invaluable and helped solidify his passion to pursue a career in strength and conditioning. 

“This was a hands-on internship, and the first time I had ever truly stepped into a coach’s shoes,” Noel said. “I was able to gain insights into the science that goes on behind the scenes in training athletes. I saw it in action – how they did it, and why it was being done for the benefit of the athlete. I was able to break through the surface and really get to the root of why they do particular exercises. The opportunity to practice and network were also great benefits of this internship.”

During Noel’s senior year at Midland, he attended the Human Performance Career & Internship fair, sponsored and organized by Midland’s Personal & Career Development Center. There, he had the opportunity to connect with Joel Woodhead, General Manager of DI Omaha. Woodhead offered him an internship and the chance to work with student athletes between the ages of 7-18 years old.

“Since day one, Jack has demonstrated an excellent work ethic towards the tasks and responsibilities assigned to him as an intern at D1 Omaha,” Woodhead said. “Not only has he completed his responsibilities, but he has done so with a passionate attitude. It is a blast working with Jack. Jack has a great sense of humor and is constantly high on energy! Overall, we have been very pleased with Jack's performance at D1 Omaha. He is the type of individual we are looking for in our interns. He is hard-working, passionate about our product, and purposeful with his day-to-day actions.”

Noel will now begin his professional career at D1 Omaha in the role of a Strength and Conditioning Coach/Personal Trainer. There, he will further build his expertise and skills, and work on earning several more certifications, including: USA Weightlifting, Functional Movement Screening II, Functional Control Screening I and II, and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. He plans to apply for graduate school in the Fall of 2019 to earn a master’s degree in Exercise Science or Kinesiology. He is very interested in conducting research that will help enhance the performance of athletes. Ultimately, he hopes that all the work he has done in and out of the classroom will help him to reach his dream of training Olympic athletes. 

“To train world-class athletes at that level of competition, establishing close and trusting relationships and working toward that same ultimate performance, that is my goal,” he said.

Noel’s advice to Midland undergraduates is: “Go out of your way to get experience through internships and jobs. Do it soon – do not wait. Aim high! Try for things. Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself beyond your comfort zone, this boosts confidence. Don’t settle. Shoot for the big leagues!” 

Professor Mark Snow had praise for Noel.

“He has been a pretty special student. He is not afraid to ask questions so he understands material better. He is always thinking about how to apply what he has learned. He is not afraid to go outside of his comfort zone and he is not afraid of failing. He understands it is a part of life. That is how he has had internships at University of Nebraska-Lincoln and D1. I am excited to see where he goes. He will be great at whatever he chooses.”