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Auditions & Scholarships

Auditions & Scholarships


Significant ARTS scholarships are available to Midland students in all areas of study. We believe students succeed when they are rewarded for their commitment to their passions, as well as their academic achievements. Scholarships are available to students in the following areas:

  • Voice/Choral
  • Instrumental/Band
  • Acting/Theatre
  • Arts Management
  • Technical Arts
  • Worship Arts
  • Dance

We are dedicated to creating personalized plans for each student that will ensure the perfect amount of arts involvement. We take into account each student’s personality, potential, academic load, goals, history, and learning styles. It’s an individual plan that is adjusted and rewritten throughout the four years to meet the needs of students. 

Midland Arts students are challenged to learn the importance of their role, both on and off the stage. Our students believe in and support one another. We aim to work together as a cast throughout the year to achieve our common goals.


Our auditions are laid back. Though talent is one of our considerations, we care most about a student’s potential and desire to learn. Significant scholarships are offered to individuals who consider themselves: team players, teachable, positive influences, passionate, dependable, driven to learn, creative, able to commit, and willing to share their talents in ways that make our program and the world a better place. We easily accommodate students of all experience levels!

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