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Midland University Establishes First Application Development Apprenticeship Program in Nebraska

Midland University Establishes First Application Development Apprenticeship Program in Nebraska

May 3rd , 2019

Following the consistent vision of relentless relevance, Midland University has established the first apprenticeship program in the state for application development, responding to the needs of the business community.

The Registered Apprenticeship system will create a partnership between an employer and a learner, combining technical classroom instruction with on-the-job skills development. Apprentices will earn a wage from an employer while they continue to learn, typically receiving incremental pay increases as they gain knowledge and expertise.

“Midland University is a great example of an educational institution stepping up to serve as a bridge between employers looking for skilled workers and workers looking to learn the skills that are in demand,” said Commissioner of Labor, John H. Albin.

As an Eligible Training Partner, Midland University will provide formal classroom training through the Code Academy and offer additional resources for apprentices nine months following the completion of the program.

Ideally, employers will find candidates for the Registered Apprenticeship program using their talent acquisition process. Once a candidate is identified, the employer will work with Midland to register the learner for the Code Academy and assist in developing an on-the-job training experience.

Students who become apprentices through an employer will receive an extensive on-the-job learning experience after the Midland University Code Academy formal training is completed. For nine months, apprentices will continue their training on the job, by participating in projects that help them gain enhanced skills.

“We pursued the apprenticeship partnership because we believe in the mission of the program to offer a flexible training solution aligned with national industry standards, preparing learners for in-demand skills, readily applicable in the marketplace,” said Midland University President, Jody Horner. “Our goal is to partner with employers in the Greater Omaha area, to provide a best-in-class training experience to help grow the technology talent while employing learners.”

Midland University worked in tandem with the Nebraska Department of Labor to ensure the curriculum meets the rigorous requirements of the apprenticeship program.

The apprenticeship signing ceremony will be held Tuesday, May 7 at two o’clock in the afternoon at the Midland University Omaha location. Lieutenant Governor, Mike Foley will be in attendance to commemorate the unique event.