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School of Human Performance

The School of Human Performance at Midland University has evolved over the university’s history to encompass students’ needs and desires to engage in the health sciences and sports fields. The academic majors and faculty within the School of Human Performance continue to provide an environment where students are challenged to think critically and are prepared to be leaders in the community.

Our Programs

There are four distinct majors, one certificate, and one graduate program within the School of Human Performance. The majors are designed to prepare students to achieve key careers within the fields of health sciences, sports medicine, sports marketing and management, and strength and conditioning. 

By enrolling in a major within the School of Human Performance, students are involved in three hands-on internships throughout their education. These internships provide students the opportunity to engage with professionals in their desired field and form professional relationships. With the academic experience coupled with the internship experiences, students are prepared to enter the workforce in their chosen field after graduation or achieve acceptance into a graduate school in their desired health science field.  

Academic Core Experience

At Midland University, each student progresses through an academic core experience during their four years of study. The DRIVE framework is designed to develop skills, create experiences and prepare students to set their course for success.

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Morgan Gilliam

Senior, Human Performance

Without the families and individuals that support Midland, my dreams wouldn't have been a reality. I would like to personally thank those who have already donated and invested in Midland because this is a unique institution, and it's allowed me to grow as a person, leader, and student. Thank you for your continued support of Midland. It does not go unnoticed.
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