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2018 Midland University Convocation Ceremony

2018 Midland University Convocation Ceremony

Aug 28th , 2018

Midland University celebrated the start of a new fall semester and the bright beginning of many freshman students’ collegiate journeys with the annual Convocation Ceremony tradition on Tuesday, August 28th. 

Midland Students, faculty, and staff converged near the iconic fountain in the heart of campus accompanied with live marching band music, inspiring remarks, and reflective prayer to commemorate the higher education privilege that is as a college experience.

For more than a decade, hundreds of incoming freshman have received a medallion emblazoned with the Midland University seal on one side, and the Cross at the Center on the other, which students toss into the Cross at the Center fountain to wish for academic progress and success over the next four years. 

Upon graduation, the medallion is returned to the graduating seniors to wear during commencement, symbolizing the learning, growth, and achievements yielded during their Midland experience.

During the 2018 Convocation Ceremony, Midland University President, Jody Horner addressed the incoming freshman Class of 2022.

“Only 6.7 percent of the world’s population has a college degree, and only 33 percent of the United States population has a college degree. That's only 1/3 of the country and that 1/3 is you. You are a part of the luckily 33 percent. You are here to get a college education and to earn a degree, and that is an incredible, incredible privilege. One that is denied to many in our country, and more so around the world. Your education is something that you should never, ever take for granted.”

As part of the official welcome to campus, Student Senate President, Rochelle Olson spoke to classmates, addressing the critical importance of cherishing the student experience.

“This campus truly is a special place where you are going to find your lifelong friends, make lasting memories, and find your family away from home,” said Olson. “Before you know it, you will wish that you are back in the very place that you are today. So get off on the right foot, go to class, meet new friends, support the athletic teams. I promise you, you will not regret it." 

In closing remarks, President Horner reminded students that if they prepare to work hard, their dreams can become a reality.

"Today you start to write your own story. The person that you become when you graduate is somebody that we can only imagine, but it's always been inside you. That is the transformative power of a Midland education. We want each and every student to succeed and persist so that you can be prepared to live and excel in this ever-changing world. All of us who work here at Midland are committed to your success-- we are here to inspire you, to challenge you and hold you accountable, we're also here to invest in you. Today we take our first steps together on that journey,” said President Horner.